Avenir Ingredients is a dynamic company specialising
in the supply of ingredients for the manufacture of
personal care products and cosmetics to the Australian
and New Zealand markets.


Avenir Ingredients was founded in 2013 by Sharon Morse and Paul Castles. Our philosophy has been to offer the highest quality ingredients from ethical and sustainable sources and to be able to service manufacturers and brands with our expertise in our ingredients.


Our team are highly qualified in chemistry and cosmetic science to assist our customers with their ingredient choices. 


Since our inception, our range has expanded and we can now offer a complete spectrum of ingredients that are used in most personal care products. We have actives that are cutting edge and award winners, all with full clinical data to support their claims. We source our ingredients from Suppliers known and trusted around the world for their quality and consistency. We lead the way with concepts and trends that we can share with our brand customers to formulate innovative products.



We have access to market trend information and concepts to inspire your brand. Our technically qualified sales team can also provide assistance and advice in selection of raw materials and formulating. We have carefully selected suppliers from all over the world who have the most innovative and sustainable ingredients.


Sharon Morse-Greene

Business Director

Sharon has almost 20 years experience in the Cosmetic Industry.Her qualifications include
a B. App Sci (UWS) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Dermato-Cosmetic Science from Brussels University.  Her experience includes many years in R&D in cosmetics followed by Technical Sales, Business Development and Management. In recent years Sharon has focussed on utilising her unique knowledge and understanding of the Australian market to identify suitable innovative and unique offerings from overseas manufacturers. Once product ranges have been selected Sharon has worked tirelessly to ensure their successful introduction, promotion and support in the market.


Paul Castles

Paul has 30 years experience in the Cosmetic Industry. He has a B Sc (Chemistry) from Melbourne University. He has had senior roles in the industry as Technical Director with expertise in formulating skincare, colour cosmetics and sunscreens. He has many years experience in management and business management as well as regulatory knowledge. Pauls' knowledge of the Cosmetic Industry allows the company to be at the forefront of providing innovation and service to our customers.

Anna Trinidad-Nicolas
Business Development Manager NSW/VIC/SA  

Anna has completed a Bachelor of Foods Science and Technology Hons, University of New South Wales and has specialised in cosmetic chemistry with a Diploma of Cosmetic Science and Formulation from the Institute of Personal Care Science, Adelaide. Anna has worked in customer service roles and has seven years experience in Technical sales, and brings her warmth and enthusiasm to her role.

Rachel Finch
Business Development Manager NSW

Rachel has over 10 years experience in the Cosmetics Industry. Her qualifications include a BSc (hons) in Forensic Science along with a Diploma of Cosmetic Science from De Montfort in the UK. Rachel has worked as a cosmetic chemist for Boots the Chemist along with the largest contract manufacturer in the UK before moving to Australia. She has recently joined the Avenir team after working as a development chemist at Jalco for over 4 years. Her experience covers skin care, sun care, colour cosmetics and body care. She brings her knowledge of cosmetic formulating and ingredients to provide technical support to our customers.

Armelle Sebbag
Business Development Manager VIC/TAS 

Armelle has recently joined the Avenir family to look after the Victorian business. Armelle has a Bachelors degree in Cosmetic Chemistry from the University of Montpellier and a Masters degree in Cosmetic Formulation from ISIPCA, Versailles, France. Armelle has worked as a cosmetic formulator in several large companies in France, the US and UK before moving to Australia and her impressive experience includes prestigious brands and contract manufacturers.  She has worked as a cosmetic technical advisor for large contractors and her experience includes, skin care, hair care, body care and colour cosmetics. Armelle brings her wealth of knowledge on formulating and ingredients along with her bright personality to offer  technical advice to our customers.

Vivianne Wu
Business Development Manager QLD

Vivianne has recently joined the Avenir team and looks after our Queensland customers.
She has a bachelor of Business and a Masters in International Business from Sydney University. Vivianne is currently studying a Diploma in Cosmetic Science and has many years experience
in the Personal Care and Cosmetic ingredient industry. Vivianne brings her professionalism and experience to our business to assist our customers with their projects.

Unique, sophisticated bio-efficient actives

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics are a leading manufacturer of innovative, functional ingredients. They embrace concepts of biomimetism, functional performance, precisions delivery and sensory experience.


The portfolio contains a comprehensive range of innovative actives, marine and botanical extracts, biomimetic peptides and biotech actives.

Inspiring Australian ingredients

Southern Cross Botanicals are pioneers in research, development and 

production of botanical materials derived from Australian Plants.


The portfolio contains a comprehensive range of Australian actives, oils and exfoliants, complete with efficacy studies.


Intelligence behind beauty

Dr Straetmans market quality and innovative ingredients to the Personal Care Industry. They are committed to stabilizing cosmetics – the natural way.


Dr Straetmans have an extensive product portfolio which consists of multifunctional additives, antioxidants, surfactants, oil components and hair care.


Organics, silicones and actives

Evonik Personal Care is a specialist in ingredients and concepts for effective skin, hair and body care products.


Evonik combines scientific excellence with passion. Evonik uses renewable resources and sustainable methods based on three technology platforms: organics, silicones, actives.


The Evonik product portfolio is comprised of emulsifiers, secondary surfactants, synthetic and enzymatically produced emollients, conditioners, thickeners, pearlising agents and active ingredients.


Unique plant derived oils & cosmetic ingredients

Floratech is a market leader in supplying botanically derived ingredients to the cosmetics and personal care industry.


Floratech ingredients are derived from renewable botanicals such as jojoba, macadamia, sunflower and moringa.


Included in our ingredient line are natural and oil-free emollients, specialty particles, water-soluble emollients, and innovative jojoba esters.


The natural wax specialist

Kahl Wax is one of the leading specialists in natural waxes i.e. beeswax, carnauba wax, Candelilla wax and many others. They offer a wide range of products and services, focusing on refining natural waxes, tailor made speciality waxes, ozokerites, powder waxes, wax emulsions and cosmetics bases.

Natural raw materials

Lessonia offers a wide range of natural exfoliants, micronized plant pigments and extracts to the Personal Care Industry.


Lessonia draws its strength from its unique origins and expertise in sourcing and processing natural raw materials.


Perfume is their passion 

Vanessence is a family business specialising in the creation and production of  the highest quality of natural perfumes and fragrances.

Naturally effective cosmetic ingredients

Cobiosa offers naturally effective cosmetic ingredients for skin care and hair care. Cobiosa is specialised in the production of natural ceramides, marine origin actives and botanical extracts from the Andean Region.


Advanced active ingredients through cutting edge technologies

Lipotrue has created a central R&D engine integrating 4 high technological platforms. Each platform has its own specialized R&D Team which are co-ordinated to offer a solid portfolio of premium active ingredients both in efficacy and innovative concepts.

Product Portfolio: Technology Platforms

• Wild Plants as Bio factories

• In Silico Design of Peptides

• Marine Bio Research

• Big Data Analytics

Creativity, elegance, art, culture, science & technology

Akott is an international company that develops, manufactures specialty ingredients with unique product concepts.


They produce high technology and long lasting performance products. Akott’s product philosophy is based on creativity, elegance, art, culture, science and technology. 

Colour trend forecasting & prototype development

Eckart is a manufacturer and supplier of metallic and pearlescent pigments for the cosmetic industry. Their pigments orchestrate beauty and provide a shimmering effect in powders, nail varnishes, make up, hair care and shower gels. 

Product Portfolio:

Mirage Pigments ®- Borosilicate Pigments

• Visionaire Pigments ® – Metallic Effect pigments

• Syncrystal® - Synthetic Mica Pigments

• Silverdream® - Metallic Effects for Nail Polishes

Market certified sustainable oleochemicals

IOI is one of the leading European suppliers of oleochemical specialties. Support RSPO and production and promotion of RSPO certified palm based oleochemicals and derivatives.


Product Portfolio:

• Lanolin Alternatives

• Emollients and Emulsifiers

• Conditioning agents  for skin care and hair care

• Silicone alternatives

Organic compounds,
silk derivatives & natural oils

Ikeda is a Japanese supplier of high quality cosmetic raw materials. They have an extensive portfolio of specialty in organic compounds, silk derivatives and natural oils.

Product Portfolio:

• Inorganic Compounds – silica powders, titanium dioxide, coated iron oxides

• Japanese inspired oils and extracts

• Hydrolized Silk

• Hyaluronic acid

• Surfactants

Natural pearlescent pigments

Sudarshan is a leading pigment manufacturer based in India. They offer natural pearlescent pigments for cosmetic applications.


Product Portfolio:

• Prestige Pearlescent Pigments

• Sumicos Micas

Specialty surfactants derived from natural sources

ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ is an internationally active company with headquarters in Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany. The range for personal care includes specialty surfactants derived from natural sources for use in an array of everyday products such as shampoos, body washes, syndet bars and skin care. The range includes mild, sulfate-free surfactants for rich and creamy lathers, emulsifiers for creams and lotions, and esters for moisturising and conditioning. We are able to provide many starting formulations for body washes, shampoos, conditioners and skin care from the Zschimmer and Schwarz range.

and Life

SKBioland is leading the development of raw materials using natural resources since 1995 and has kept the top position in the cosmetics raw materials industry. In addition, Bioland has become an internationally recognised company that can also be trusted in the fields of food and pharmaceuticals. Bioland supplies products with such technologies applied as natural extraction, separation and purification, synthesis, and fermentation. 


Product Portfolio:

• Hyaluronic acid, Beta-glucan and botanicals for anti-aging, moisturisation, whitening and skin protection. 


Australia  -  New Zealand

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