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Introducing - SK Bioland

Avenir Ingredients is proud to announce their partnership with SK Bioland based in Korea. With the motto "Nature, Science, and Life" SKBioland has been leading the development of raw materials using natural resources since 1995 and has kept the top position in the cosmetics raw materials industry. In addition, Bioland has become an internationally recognized company that can also be trusted in the fields of food and pharmaceuticals. SK Bioland supplies products with such technologies applied as natural extraction, separation and purification, synthesis, and fermentation. Through continuous R&D, SK Bioland has more than 100 patents, and their R&D branches in Jeju and China are also carrying out active research on cosmetics raw materials using natural resources.

The range includes Hyaluronic acid, Beta- glucan and botanicals for anti-aging, moisturization, whitening and skin protection. Contact us to access ingredients from South Korea with its cutting edge technologies.

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