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Fancy a quick In-Cosmetics Global recap?

In-Cosmetics Global took place in Paris mid April and it was huge!

16 of our suppliers were exhibiting there.

Needless to say we were excited and equally overwhelmed by the size of the venue and the number of exhibitors and things to see.

We had pencilled in the marketing and technical presentations we wanted to attend and didn't get a chance to seat in any of them.

So we left In Cos feeling like we had had a chance to explore enough of this year's In Cos edition.

In hindsight we realised that we have such a large array of partners that the trends and market insights naturally emerged when we put together the list of all their new launches. Phew, no FOMO required after all ;)

Green chemistry, sustainable programs and naturality are once again at the forefront of innovation.

How can we combine nature and science to get the best possible solutions to create products that consumers will enjoy using and will see results? Our partners have thought long and hard about it and here is what they've come up with:


✅ Italine™ P - Akott: Upcycled Pomegranate for scalp wellness

✅ Passionare Oil - Cobiosa: Upcycled passionfruit oil/ Anti-frizz and colour protection

✅ Hairmimics® Boost - Evonik: Skin identical ceramide blend for healthy strand and resilient hair


✅ Enhance UZ range - ADP Cosmetics: Micronised zind oxide available in 6 grades including a niacimanide blend

✅ Lignobase range - Eckart range: by-products from paper for SPF boosting

✅ Oleofilm Green - PolymerExpert: Cosmos film former


✅ Akowell™ AKNEver - Akott: Botanical blend to fight skin impurities

✅ Cycloretin™ - Clariant: The first natural cyclic peptide as a retinol alternative

✅ Makistem - Cobiosa: Stell cell technology for brightening benefits

✅ Passionare - Cobiosa: Upcycled passionfruit extract/ Soothing and Antioxidant

✅ Golden C NG - Evonik: Stabilised ascorbic acid on a gold particle for best Vitamin C efficacy

Colour Cosmetics:

✅ Synscrystal Garnet - Eckart: Vegan effect pigment

✅ Sumicos Intense Black 2233C - Sudarshan - deep black pigment

✅ Prestige Radiant Hot Pink 35936 - Sudarshan: Vegan bright pink effect pigment

✅ Biotran Aqua Shield - Z&S: Non tacky naturally derived film former

Functional ingredients:

✅ BotaniDesign™ - Cargill: Natural 1 to 1 Pet Jelly alternative

✅ Actigum™ Care - Cargill: Natural Carbomer alternative for mousse textures

✅ Alter-Emulgel - Lessonia: Botanical emulsifier

✅ Alter-Mattifier - Lessonia: Botanical mattifying powder

✅ Sumicair Silken Matt Mica 43023 - Sudarshan: Natural filler

Which ones have caught your attention?

Here is a 20 sec snippet of our 3 days:

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And most importantly mark your calendars for In Cosmetics Amsterdam: 8-10 April 2025 🤩


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