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Inspiration from In-Cosmetics Asia

The Avenir Ingredients team have had a huge month with seminars around the country and then heading to Bangkok to attend In-Cosmetics. So many new interesting products were launched, we cant wait to share these with you. Some of the highlights were:-

DE0LIGHT- odour neutraliser from Persimmon extract- perfect for deodorants, sports products, self tanners

NEOCLAIR PRO- peptide from EGCG from Green tea for antioxidant and skin clarity.

SILIGEL- universal gelling agent with silicone type feel- BRONZE AWARD!

AKOACTIVE QUEEN- Rose active rich in natural waxes for skin hydration

PIECES of NATURE- gorgeous range of petals and plants for decorative effect in cosmetics

.....and so much more!  We also attends training with our suppliers Cobiosa, Dr Straetmans, IOI and Akott. 

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