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5 criteria to select the right exfoliating particle

Here is a quick guide for you on what to consider when developing a mechanical exfoliating product:

  1. Particle Size: Depending on your application formula, you will need to choose the most suitable particle size for your project. The smaller the particle size, the more suitable it will be for facial or scalp applications. By contrast, the larger the particle size, the more suitable it will be for the body and feet.

  2. Abrasiveness: The abrasiveness depends on the hardness of the material as well as the shape of the particles.

  3. Marketing: The origin, colour, manufacturing process, certifications and traceability are criteria to consider for consumer communication and marketing purposes.

  4. Compatibility & Stability: While most remain stable in aqueous phases (including surfactants), others will be more compatible in anhydrous phases or will be sensitive to hot pour.

  5. Regulatory: Know which markets you're going to sell your products into and we can provide all the documentation required.

Check out our new Exfoliating kit for a touch & feel experience to make your selection process smoother.

Reach out to your regular Avenir expert or to our General Manager Anna Trinidad Nicolas at or +61 (02) 9166 2989


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