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6 new product formats emerging from the solid cosmetic trend

Consumers strive to live more sustainably and as a response, brands are innovating with water-free formulations to help with the effort.

There is a rise in brands that offer solid skincare and haircare products, solutions that present themselves as sustainable alternatives.

Solid cosmetics can significantly reduce the use of water, the volume of packaging and consequently, the environmental impact.

The motivation behind most solid cosmetics is to combat environmental issues. According to Mintel Global New Products Database, nearly half of waterless beauty and personal care products launched in 2019 were from skincare.

What is considered a solid cosmetic?

Any compact product that doesn't flow or divided solids that flow like powders or granules.

What are some of the benefits?

Resources protection

  • Water - contains less water than a liquid product or no water

  • Plastic – less packaging waste 

  • Weight – reduced CO2 emission due to lighter transport 

  • Uses only as much as is needed – less prone to overdosage 

  • Long lasting – a little goes a long way

User benefits

  • Travel friendly

  • Space & weight saving

  • No product leak or spill

  • Carry-on bag friendly

We've selected 6 formulations from our international partners to illustrate new formats and new ways to use personal care products. Many technologies are borrowed from the colour cosmetics know-how.

Are you interested in solid cosmetics and would like to find out more?

We have a whole presentation about it, contact us at


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