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Did you miss our August Newsletter?

This month we focussed on biodegradable conditioning quats, oil thickeners, colour trends, facial masks and much more.

Varisoft® EQ 65 MB - Evonik Cosmos Conditioning esterquat with ecological sustainability Newly AICIS compliant INCI: Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride; Cetearyl Alcohol Readily biodegradable ester quat with excellent conditioning performance, it improves the conditioning properties of wet and dry hair and can also act as an emulsifier providing a sensory profile typical of cationic emulsions.

In a cream rinse treatment, this ester quat showed an excellent rinseability and was more easily rinsed out of hair when compared to Behentrimonium Chloride, a high-performance conditioning agent.

Taiset 50 C MB - Ikeda/ Taiyo All natural stability enhancer

TAISET 50-C is an all-natural stability enhancer for W/O colour cosmetic applications and can be formulated in any O/W and W/O emulsion, not only enabling to maintain a stable viscosity of final applications even at high temperatures, but giving a prestigious spreadability and a well-balanced sensorial perception. it can contribute to the enhanced stability of emulsions while forming polarised association structures around the interface between oil and water.

Read the full edition here.


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