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Lots of new launches, new presentations and new prototypes this month!

Col-Frag™ Remastered - Lipotrue

A new collagen era

Type I collagen fragment produced from "Wild plants as biofactories". This sustainable technology allows Lipotrue to obtain a molecule identical to a fragment of the human collagen type I sequence, with the proper post-translational hydroxylations required to be fully functional.

Col-Frag remastered™ acts as a building block and booster for collagen synthesis, and tightens the dermis and epidermis while preventing senescence. It revealed a synergistic effect and a superior efficacy to Ascorbyl Glucoside in reducing wrinkles, providing a facelift and enhancing skin brightness. See its outstanding results here.

Heliosoft™ - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

The mild and soft lamellar emulsifier

Developed from rapeseed and sunflower, Heliosoft™ is of 100% natural origin.

✔ COSMOS approved

✔ With sunflower phospholipids, co-products of the food industry

✔ Readily biodegradable & aquatic ecosystem friendly

This multifunctional novelty brings repair and hydration to the skin.

Its biomimetic structure brings an unctuous touch, while leaving a very soft and comfortable sensation as well as a protective film on the skin after application.

Watch more here.

Kahjelly 7038 Coco - Kahlwax

Natural Jelly

Special blend of natural waxes and oils KahlJelly 7038 Coco has a silky soft skin feel and can be used to balance hardness and enhance pay-off.

Suitable for vegan and natural cosmetic formulations. Due to the repairing effect of coconut oil on hair, KahlJelly 7038 is especially recommended for use in hair care products, such as conditioners, masks, and oils, in which it builds up a protective layer and improves combability.

Watch more here.

SilStem-U™ - Lipotrue

The shape that improves your self-esteem

From LipoTrue new Greenbeat™ technological platform, a green active ingredient that mimics the action of neurotransmitters in acting directly on naturally innervated adipose tissue.

Silstem-U™ enhances the release of NRG4, an adipokine which activates lipolytic functions and improves adipose tissue innervation to induce a slimming effect and reduction of cellulite.

Because who you ARE and how you FEEL is your CHOICE, your RIGHT and your VOICE #allbodiesaregoodbodies.

Read more here.

You can read our full newsletter here.


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