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Did you miss our November newsletter?

October was a very international month and so was the beginning of November as you'll see in next month's newsletter!

Our Brand Manager Armelle, based in France, got to visit our partners Cobiosa and Infinitec, both located in Spain as well as spending a couple of days in Hamburg with the IOI Care Studio team for a lab training on their emollients and emulsifiers based on their 3 pillars technologies.

Meanwhile in Australia, the team spent a week with Lessonia Sales Manager Marie Huppert who came all the way from France to show their natural range of exfoliating particles, actives and extracts with many upcycled options.

In the online realm, we gathered a few customers around Dr Tushar Navale from Sudarshan Chemical Industries in a webinar on the 'Colours of Summer'. We learnt about all of the different ways that effect pigments can be used outside of traditional colour cosmetics. It was wonderful to learn about the latest applications for sun, body and skin care.

If you missed the webinar or would like to know more about our learnings with the above suppliers, please get in touch at

In this newsletter we also featured a couple of Lessonia ingredients, our brand new scalp care/ hair skinification presentation and some Vanessence fragrances. You can find out more about all this by reading our full newsletter here.

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