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Technol SD non GMO - Yokozeki/ Ikeda

Sunflower-based emollient with high refractive index

Technol SD non-GMO is a Cosmos sterol mixture with very high viscosity and high adhesive property, ideal for hair styling products, mascara and lip products.

It provides excellent stability at high temperature.

It improves gloss, frizz control, hold and adhesion.

Prestige Bright Red Glow - Sudarshan Cosmos vegan red effect pigment

Balance of coverage and luster with enhanced chroma in end applications.

Aesthetically appealing and cost-efficient, bright red masstone effect pigment. For standard formulations, a smaller amount of pigment loading can provide a similar effect to the traditional iron oxide-based effect pigments.

Sumicos Silk Silver Mist SM122 - Sudarshan

Cosmos high purity silver shade

Sumicos Silk Gold Mist SM222 - Sudarshan

Cosmos high purity interference gold

Soft skin feel and excellent adhesion, providing multiple options for colour correction

Clean undertone developed to complement/ extend the Silk Mist Series allowing to generate skin tone blends.

Provides natural looking glow with a soft, shimmery finish. Brightens the appearance of dull skin.

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