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Do you know Citroleo? They are our new Brazilian partner!

We have more exciting news!

Avenir Ingredients is now the new distributor for Citroleo Group across Australia and New Zealand!

Citroleo’s commitment to sustainability and quality is unmatched. They work in close collaboration with local sources, respecting the environment and communities, ensuring high quality products and innovative solutions that promote well-being and health, in addition to contributing to the preservation of the standing forest.


Citroleo’s dedication to research and development has resulted in an exclusive range of ingredients sourced from nature, formulated to elevate excellence in cosmetic products. With an approach deeply rooted in science, every active ingredient they offer is meticulously tested, ensuring not only its purity but also its ability to transform. Customers trust Citroleo to provide ingredients that not only enhance the quality of their products, but also meet the growing demands of conscious consumers seeking sustainable and effective products. By choosing Citroleo® CitroBio®, you are opting for excellence of nature.

Together, we are redefining standards in the cosmetics industry, offering a unique and effective experience to consumers around the world.

Please get in touch to see how these ingredients suit your projects!

Reach out to our Citroleo product manager Hang Tran-Bradshaw at or your dedicated Avenir Sales contact for further information.

We can't wait to collaborate with you to make the best choice of ingredients and create outstanding products!


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