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Edible beauty is redefining beauty routines

Influenced by the fears from COVID-19, consumers are focusing on improving their health through over-the-counter supplements. This consumer behaviour has accelerated the demands for vitamin & mineral supplement (VMS).

A consequent shift towards a more holistic approach to skincare that combines complementary topical and ingestible beauty products is on the rise.

The United States is forecasted as the biggest retail market, while Asia Pacific has many growth potential. The fast- growth markets to watch in Asia Pacific are China, India, and South Korea.

As the connection between what consumers eat, their overall health, how they feel and their appearance strengthens, it opens up opportunities for more brands to explore the potential of beauty in new applications.

Consumers' growing appetite for edible beauty products has seen new product launches of beauty food, drink and supplements increase 49% in the past three years across the APAC region. Vitamins and dietary supplements account for the bulk of product launches in the past three years, with a 25% share of all launches. (Mintel Data)

We believe we can support Australian and New Zealand brands in this growing market by offering specialty ingredients with supported claims and specific solutions.

This is why we created a new division lead by Sarah Lutze: Health, Beauty and Nutrition.

Sarah holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and is our new Business Development Manager.

While Sarah has been with Avenir Ingredients for over a year, she's recently stepped into this role and we know she'll be of great help to all our customers who have or are looking to launch ingestible beauty products.

You can contact Sarah at for more information on trends and ingredients.


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