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Fermented ingredients are finding their way into personal care - 5 highlighted ingredients

Kimchi, Kombutcha: food or skincare?

Fermentation is the conversion of a carbohydrate such as sugar into an acid or an alcohol. More specifically, fermentation can refer to the use of yeast to change sugar into alcohol or the use of bacteria to create lactic acid in certain foods. Fermentation occurs naturally in many different foods given the right conditions, and people have intentionally made use of it for many thousands of years.

Food fermentations are ancient technologies that harness microorganisms and their enzymes to improve the human diet.

Fermented foods keep better, have enhanced flavours, textures and aromas, and may also possess certain health benefits including superior digestibility.

Fermentation enhances the effectiveness of natural ingredients by improving the quality of active phytochemicals and facilitating easy absorption by skin. It mimics skin cell function to protect and improve skin's metabolism, which is required for healthy skin.

There has been an increase in patent filings related to ferments, and many big brands in the beauty industry have started incorporating ferments into their products as next-generation natural ingredients. These brands will play a major role in creating awareness among beauty enthusiasts regarding the benefits of ferments.

We're highlighting 5 fermented ingredients with skincare benefits:

  1. Dermabiotics from Hyundai Bioland

  2. Aeonome from Lipotrue

  3. Oligo HA from Hyundai Bioland

  4. Bio FRGE Plus from Hyundai Bioland

  5. Arctalis from Lipotrue

Dermabiotics from Hyundai Bioland

Is a patented probiotic lysate with the unique characteristic of being water soluble and transparent which allows for clear formulations. It can penetrate into the dermis which is where the skin immune cells are and offer skin microbiome solutions to strengthen skin barrier function.

Aeonome™ from Lipotrue

is a prebiotic metabolised by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the release of ageless postbiotics.

Its agebiotic efficacy reinforces the antioxidant protection of the microbiota of the skin cells’ ageless force, improving rugosity, wrinkles and hydration.

Oligo HA from Hyundai Bioland

is a very low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid offering excellent skin permeability for enhanced hydration and anti-aging efficacy

Bio FRGE Plus from Hyundai Bioland

is a fermented red ginseng extract with high content of ginsenosides and better skin penetration for increased anti-aging properties.

Arctalis™ from Lipotrue

is a marine active ingredient with high content in proteins and exopolysaccharides, EPS, which have the ability of forming a film. Årctalis™ increases essential extracellular matrix components, reinforcing structural integrity and flexibility. It also induces desmoglein-3 (Dsg-3), enhancing skin cell hyper-adhesion, boosting epidermal cohesion and barrier function. Årctalis™ protects skin from blue light, reducing MMP1 levels.

Which fermented ingredient will you add to your next development?


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