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Have you missed our February newsletter?

It's been a busy start of the year with lots of suppliers changes and our first overseas visit with Ikeda.

What was in our newsletter last month?

4 new ingredients:

  • FiberDesign™ Citrus - Cargill's new texturiser from upcycled citrus peel

  • Estogel® Green - PolymerExpert's Cosmos and readily biodegradable oil polymer

  • Citrue Basabolol - Citroleo's natural alpha bisabolol from candeia tree

  • Vecollage® Fortigy L and 2 - Evonik's new vegan collagen

2 presentations:

  • IFF beauty collection fragrances

  • Evonik haircare and cleansing gentle formulations

We also reminded our Australian customers of the upcoming ASCC conference that we are bronze sponsoring. You have until the 22nd March to benefit from early bird registration fees!

You can read our newsletter in more details here.

Happy reading!


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