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Save the date - ASCC Conference 2021 - 11-13 May

Avenir Ingredients is excited to be the Gold Sponsor for the 2021 ASCC Conference.

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast the conference venue will be The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre Broadbeach, Australia 11th – 13th May 2021.

The Organising Committee is focusing on the theme, “Riding the roller coaster of A-Beauty innovation”. Our theme has three main pillars: “A-Beauty”, a play on the term K-Beauty, A-Beauty, or Australian beauty, is the minimal skincare movement based around combination routines, simplified formulations and innovative Australian native ingredients and products made in Australia. “Riding the roller coaster” will take us through the emotions of using a cosmetic, with a focus on neuro-cosmetics and how the product makes the consumer feel. Finally, "Innovations” we will showcase the best cutting-edge science, the cosmetics and home care sector has to offer.

The 53rd Annual ASCC Conference is looking to capture the interests of all our industry's greats, whilst enjoying the beautiful backdrop of the Gold Coast.

February update: The Conference is now scheduled for September 2021.


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