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Some exciting news at Avenir!

We are excited to announce some recent changes within Avenir Ingredients.

Since Avenir's inception in 2013, Sharon Morse-Greene, Avenir Founder, has been dedicated to offering the best service for our suppliers and customers, while tirelessly looking after Avenir's growing team.

The time has come to take Avenir to the next level and add a fresh perspective!

Please join us in congratulating Anna Trinidad-Nicolas and Paul Kent for their promotion as General Managers.

Having been pivotal to the success of Avenir Ingredients from day one, Anna has been promoted to the position of General Manager – Marketing and Operations.

In this role, Anna will be responsible for marketing activities and will oversee all day-to-day operational activities such as stock management, logistics and customer service.

Moving into the position of General Manager – Sales, Supplier and Technical, Paul will work closely with our sales team to support our customers and our suppliers. Paul will continue to offer technical support through the formulation, quality and regulatory areas.

Sharon will pass on the day-to-day activities to Anna and Paul, allowing her to focus on initiatives to enhance Avenir’s position in the Australian and New Zealand Health and Beauty Care markets.

During this transitional time, we've also refined what we want Avenir to be, through defining our mission and vision, and creating our company video.

At Avenir we are on a mission to:

👉 Deliver the future of health and beauty ingredients to Australasia with energy and passion

👉 Empower people by focusing on innovation, creativity and unique relationships

👉 Aspire to live in a sustainable world.

We want to be part of creating a world where people INSPIRE one another, DELIVER on their promises and CELEBRATE life.

Thank you for working with us so that together we can make this world a reality.


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