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Southern Chapter Industry Day 15th July 2021

After last month's last minute cancellation of the NSW Industry Day, we had to pinch ourselves when the Southern Chapter Industry Day did go ahead in Melbourne just a few hours before the snap lockdown started.

It was a full house with over 50 attendees, familiar and new faces, all so happy to meet face-to-face, learn together, chat, laugh and mingle!

If you weren't able to make it, here is what the program was, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Armelle, who's been with Avenir for over 4 years as one of our Business Development Managers, opened the presentations, introducing our solutions for sustainable and effective alternatives to Retinol and Collagen, using a unique plant-engineered technology from our partner Lipotrue: Wild Plants as Biofactories.

Retinol and Collagen are iconic ingredients that have been used as anti-aging actives for decades but as technology advances, it may be time to consider alternatives that work better and in the case of Collagen, much more sustainable.

If you'd like to find out more about Col-Frag™ and Reneseed™ you can contact us at .

We hope you got to chat to Armelle and Estefania on the day, our Melbourne-based team.

They had a display table with a few of our prototypes which were picked to inspire your new developments or give you new ideas.

If you didn't get a chance to talk to them or try our prototypes, you can contact them directly at and .

A big thank you to the ASCC Southern Chapter committee for organising this event and to all attendees.

The next big event will be the ASCC annual conference taking place on the Gold Coast, Avenir Ingredients being Gold Sponsor.

The date is 6-8th September so we genuinely hope that by then, we'll all be able to fly from different parts of Australia to attend this gathering with lots of workshops and presentations as well as social and fun evenings.


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