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Trend Colours Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

Our partner ECKART send us their trend colours twice a year, based on their expertise of the market, using their ingredients.

We were very excited to receive their Autumn-Winter 2022-23 concept kit, so much so that we decided to review the products and give you an overview of our favourites and some inspiration into how they could translate to other applications outside make-up.

The trends are:

🍀 Irish Saga - natural, outdoorsy, romantic look - our pick is the eyebrow "Malt Whiskey"

🌃 Russian Fairy Tales - traditional noble colours for a sophisticated evening look - our pick is the "eye stay" mousses "Golden Sparkle" and "Emerald Sparkle"

👩🏼‍🎤 Lost In Space - non gender specific, sci-fi/ festival-like, striking look - our pick is the lip duo "Laser Kisses" and "Major Stardust"

All products are using Eckart Syncrystal and/ or Mirage ranges to create the desired effects.

Grab a cup of tea ☕️ or beverage of choice🍸, make yourself comfortable and enjoy listening to our team members Armelle Sebbag and Vivianne Wu discuss these products and how the colours and textures have been created.

If you have any questions or feedback you can reach them directly at and

We'd love to assist you with your upcoming developments and how you could use these ingredients.


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