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We are partnering with Cargill Beauty!

First thing first: we're wishing you a successful new year, whatever success feels like for you.

We're here to support you achieve your best product launches!

Our first great announcement of the year is our new partnership with Cargill!

Avenir's first partner over 10 years ago was Floratech, who were acquired by Cargill 3 years ago.

We're delighted to now represent Cargill Beauty's entire portfolio across Australia and New Zealand.

If you're not familiar with Cargill, check out their website, you may recognise some names like Actigum™ or Floraesters® and Florabeads® from the Floratech legacy.

We're very impressed with Cargill's dedication to sustainability through their various sourcing programs and look forward to discussing all this with you this year!

Reach out to our Cargill product manager Vivianne Wu at or your dedicated Avenir Sales contact for further information.

We can't wait to collaborate with you to make the best choice of ingredients and create outstanding products!


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