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What can we do for you in 2023?

Our best wishes for 2023 might come a bit late but it kind of feels like the new year truly starts with the lunar new year so here we go: the entire team at Avenir wishes you a fruitful year with a good balance of action & rest, decision making & self reflection and work & play! Happy 2023!

Where do we go from here?

You can count on us to help you with any creative ideas you may have related to the beauty industry.

We're turning 10 this year! This may sound young but we have decades of past experiences in the cosmetic industry: in the lab across all beauty categories as well as consultant, manufacturer and distributor.

Time to reintroduce ourselves and show you how we can help, shall we?

We want to help raise the standards in the Beauty & Science Industries and the Workplace.

We wish to inspire and be part of your successes by offering innovative ingredients to create holistic & transformative beauty products through connection and care for people and the planet.

Sounds good? How do we do that?

We assist you from learning about trends, ingredients, formulations and efficacy and how they apply to your projects all the way to ensuring that you receive your orders on time with the expected quality.

Concept/ Ideation

  • Concept Presentations from our suppliers as well as our own creations on relevant themes to save you time

  • Mesmerising Colour Trends from our trusted partners

  • Trend Reports and Presentations to keep up with consumer demands

  • Prototypes and Ingredients Toolkits to inspire new applications and give you confidence with tested starting formulations

  • Innovative Textures and Technologies to awaken your senses and your creativity

R&D support

Our sales team are technically trained with over 100 years of combined experience and can offer technical advice to trouble shoot or suggest solutions for your brief or ideas and provide formulation support.

  • Preservative Efficacy Testing

In conjunction with our partner Evonik/Dr Straetmans we are pleased to offer advice regarding safe preservation to maintain your products integrity. We also offer preservative efficiency testing for your product development.

  • Bespoke fragrance development to heighten sensorial experiences and create innovative products

Samples/ Documentation/ Regulatory

We keep a large sample library so you can start your lab trials asap.

We can assist you with general regulatory guidance.

We provide all the documentation for our ingredients from regular COA/ SDS and specifications to clinical data and export related information.

We can also provide regular updates of our Stock On Hand so you can plan better.

Customer service

We are dedicated to creating positive experiences by conveying a genuine concern for your needs and providing quality products, regular updates and on time deliveries.

So yes we sell specialty ingredients!

We offer a complete spectrum of ingredients that are used in most personal care products as well as complementary medicine with 15 international suppliers known and trusted around the world for their quality and reliability, many of whom are leaders in their field of technology, all aligned with our DNA.

Our DNA was built on consciously seeking partners with high levels of innovation and strong sustainability & ethical standards.

10 years ago, we set out to service manufacturers and brands with our expertise in our ingredients and the local & international markets. This is still what we're passionately doing in 2023.

Would you be interested in discussing your projects with the team?

We are well connected with consultants and manufacturers so let's connect and see what happens!

You can contact us at or (02) 9166 2989.

Let's make 2023 a year to remember in a positive way!


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