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What's on your mind for 2022?

A new year doesn't necessarily calls for new resolutions but it's the opportunity to reflect on the previous year, what was achieved, missed opportunities and realised dreams. It's also a time to pause and focus on what we want our year to feel like and what will support this vision.

At Avenir our long term vision is to create a world where people INSPIRE one another, DELIVER on their promises and CELEBRATE life.

Would you like to be part of this vision?

If you're ready to create a meaningful beauty brand or want to further expand the one you already have, we'd love to support you.

Our team is passionate about sustainability, transparency, efficacy and innovation with decades of experience in this industry.

We can connect you with manufacturers and consultants, guide you with relevant trends and technical know-how and help you build a strong reliable network so you can bring your vision to life.

If you missed our December newsletter, you can check it out here to spark some ideas.

The next one will come out in a couple of weeks.

We can't wait to work together and make 2022 positively memorable.

You can contact us at and stating where in Australia or New Zealand you are and we'll get the ball rolling.

Here is to 2022 together!


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